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6-8 cameras OB van
Studio control
or complete TV station

15,000 EURO

(excl. VAT)

We have for sale a complete studie control build in
a 20 feet isolated shipping container.
Incl. cameras, VTR's, audio and video equipment etc.

If needed we can convert the container to a complete
TV station with video servers and graphics etc.

Can also be used as an OB van as the container is
fitted with a hook lift system for easy transport on
a standard truck fitted with a hook lift.
Stairs included for use when mounted on truck.

We can modify the unit to your needs just let us know.

Can easily be shipped any where in the world
Please contact us for more details.

Equipment list:

1 Grass Valley Kayak DD2 2ME video mixer
1 Leitch Panacea 32x32 SDI 32x32 SDI router
1 Leitch Panacea 32x32 video 32x32 video router
5 Leitch Router panels  
1 Drake Pico Intercom system
8 Drake Series 4000 panels Intercom panels
1 Aston Ethos Character generator
1 Grass Valley PDR200 4 ch. Slowmotion/server
1 Miranda Kalaido K2 Multiviewer system
4 Philips LDK 100 Camera
4 Philips LDK 5400 Triax adaptor
4 Philips LDK 4053 Camera CCU
4 Philips LDK 4629 Camera remote panel
1 Philips LDK 4607 Master control panel
1 Tektronix  WFM300A Waveform monitor
1 Tektronix  Vector scope Vector scope
1 Barco ADVM14 CCU mon
8 Sony BVM-9045D 10" monitor SDI
1 Sony DSR-2000P DVcam VTR
1 Sony DSR-80P DVcam VTR
1 Sony DSR-60P DVcam VTR
2 Philips VidQuad Quad splitter
2 Kramer VM-1021 Video distributor
2 Kramer VM-1010 Video distributor
1 Kramer VM-1610 Audio distributor
1 Tektronix  SPG 422 Sync / test generator
1 Axon AS-210  
1 Axon AEB-421  
1 Fostex PH-50 Headphone amp
1 Alperman & Velte AV GM - TTT TC gen.
1 Hamlet LCD Scope  
8 Video patchfields    
3 AJA Frames with 24 cards Converters etc.
2 Grass Valley Frames with 16 cards Video distributors
2 Fostex 6063 Monitor
1 NAD 310 amp Amplifier
8 JVC TM-A101G 10" monitors 16:9 / 4:3
2 Marshall V-R44P 2RU with 4 LCD monitors
2 Wharfedale  7 Speakers
1 Leitch ? Clock display  
1 Leitch ? Timecode display  
1 Yamaha DM2000 Digital audio mixer
2 Yamaha AD8HR AD converter with remote preamp
1 Yamaha MLA8 Mic Line amplifier
1 Leitch Panacea 16x16 Audio stereo 16x16 Audio router stereo
2 Genelec 1029A Audio monitors
5   Audio patch field  
1 Image Video ASG-1 Tone generator
1 Kramer VM-1610 Audio distributor
1 Aphex Dominator II model 720 Audio limiter
2 DBX 266XL Compressor/gate
1 Yamaha SPX900 Audio processor
2 RTW PPM PPM meter
1 Tascam CD-401 mk II CD player
1 Tascam DA-20 mk II DAT recorder
1 Tascam MD-350 Mini Disc recorder
1 AEQ TH-02-ES mk II Dual Telephone Hybrid
2 Icom IC-FR4100 FM repeater (intercom radio)
1 Computer Set up For Intercom, router and video mixer
8 Audio Limited 2020 Micro port system
8 Cable drums Triax cable  
15 Cable drums Audio / video / power

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6-8 cameras OB van
Studio control
or complete TV station
6-8 cameras OB van<br>Studio control<br>or complete TV station 15,000 EURO (excl. VAT) pcs.

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