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BrightEye 72

1,500 EURO

(excl. VAT)

This video converter goes above and beyond – it displays open captions, time code and audio presence. Combine BrightEye 72 with any HDMI monitor for high-end display applications in broadcast and post. BrightEye 72 accepts an SD, 1.5 Gb/s HD or 3 Gb/s HD SDI digital signal and outputs HDMI.

Front panel controls include: complete proc amp, built-in test signals for use in aligning the monitor, graticule, H/V pulse delay, on screen audio VU meters, timecode burn in and open caption decoding.

BrightEye 72 provides open caption decoding for monitoring caption data using any HDMI video monitor. 708 caption data is decoded and displayed on-screen. When 708 is not present, 608 captions are displayed. Alternately, you can select between 608 or 708 from the user interface.

Audio presence is reported and on-screen VU meters show all 16 audio channels.

Horizontal and vertical split modes provide an easy way to see data in the vertical and horizontal intervals, including audio and closed caption data blocks. The internal test pattern includes pluge which is needed for monitor alignment. Graticule can be turned on for title alignment.

Use BrightEye 72 in studio applications where you need to adjust the color temperature of on-set monitors so they look right on-camera.

For facilities using 3G, the issue of monitoring the signal becomes a challenge. The BrightEye 72 provides a convenient way to monitor any type of digital video signal.

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BrightEye 72
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