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BrightEye 70

1,380 EURO

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The BrightEye 70 is a dual rate eight channel audio embedder or disembedder for 1.5Gb/s high definition video signals or for 270Mb/s standard definition signals. Four AES ports automatically configure as inputs or outputs depending if the module is configured as mux or demux.

When configured as a multiplexer, the BrightEye 70 has one serial digital video input and four AES audio inputs. These four AES streams are embedded into the video stream. AES inputs are sample rate converted, allowing the use of asynchronous audio. The output of the module is a digital stream that contains the original video signal and four AES pairs.

When configured as a demultiplexer, audio signals present in the incoming video signal are extracted and delivered as standard AES digital audio streams.

The BrightEye 70 includes an eight channel audio mixer with channel swap and shuffle capability that allows you to completely rearrange and remix audio channels. It provides precise control over audio level, with up to 12 dB of gain to compensate for low level sources. All audio processing is performed at full 24 bit resolution by a digital signal processor (DSP). Delay is adjustable up to one second. The Data mode operation allows embedding or disembedding of Dolby E or AC3 signals.

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BrightEye 70
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BrightEye 70 1,380 EURO (excl. VAT) pcs.

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