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BrightEye 20

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BrightEye 20 is a versatile audio Mux/Demux. With SDI video I/O, and both analog and AES I/O, it is field configurable for embedding or disembedding.

When configured as a multiplexer, BrightEye 20 has one serial digital video input and two AES digital audio inputs. Alternately, the 4 channel analog audio input can be used. The audio is embedded into the 601 video stream. The output is a serial digital video stream that contains the original video plus the two AES streams or four analog audio channels.

When configured as a demultiplexer, audio signals present in the incoming serial digital video signal are extracted and delivered simultaneously as two AES digital audio streams and as four analog audio channels.

Audio mixing, level adjustments, and channel shuffling can be applied to both the multiplexer and demultiplexer modes, and are accessed through BrightEye Mac or PC software. Audio group selection is also made through BrightEye Mac or PC software. A variety of audio connectors and adapters are available for integrating BrightEye 20 to any type of system.

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BrightEye 20
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